SINCO TECHNOLOGY - "Your Partner and Solution to Plastic Blow Molding Technology"

Current plastic products Has been a part of human daily life Therefore, as the world population increases The global plastic manufacturing industry is also continuously growing. But before becoming plastic products in various forms For us to take that exam Need to go through a production process called forming.
One of the most widely used processes is plastic blow molding. With a plastic dryer High quality plastic blowing machine Inevitably resulting in quality plastic workpieces that meet standards and are able to support long-term work efficiently. We are the leader in manufacturing and creating plastic blow moulding machines in Thailand. We can offer standard as well as machines and moulds on specific requirement. Our customers more than 80 countries worldwide have been satisfied with our products and services, since our products are well known for high quality, reasonable price and long-run performance. With our extensive experience for more than 30 years in this business, there is no doubt why we are the first and no.1 in line of plastic blow moulding machines in South East Asia. We are proud to present you our high quality products and are pleased to serve you on any questions you may have with our specialist engineers.