SINCO Company Profile

SINCO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. was established in 1979 under trade of “SINCO”. We are the leader in manufacturing and creating plastic blow moulding machine in Thailand. Our machines are well know in Thailand and Oversea country. “SINCO” produces machinery in various styles, shapes, function to fit specific needs and requirements of our customers. Our team of technicians and engineers are highly experienced and skilled in their respective fields with an excellent technical team that we assembled.

   We are able to respond to our customer needs by creating highest quality equipment at the most economical price. “SINCO” manufacturing process begin with designing, selecting parts and storing materials. We use only best quality and the most durable materials to ensure top quality of finished products. We perform testing and quality control on each machine to ensure that they function properly prior to sending them out to customers. We are very proud of our name “SINCO” and our accomplishments. “SINCO” machines are eminently suitable for the in-house production of plastics bottles by manufacturers of many type of industrials such as Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Liquid Detergents, Hygiene Products, Edible Oils, Lube Oils, Food Products etc.

Standards And Awards

Thailand Trust Mark

The Prime Minister’s Small and Medium Industry Award 2019

Thailand Energy Efficiency Situation 2019



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The system is ISO 9001:2015, international standard.