Machine Model VK300DC Unit
General Specification
Clamping Movement Horizontal
Capacity / Artcle Size  More 300 ml
Ciamping Force 1.5 Ton
Operating Pressure 100-120 bar
Mould Dimensions (WxHxD) 175x160x100 mm
Davlight Opening (Max) 220 mm
Carriage Stroke 205 mm
Dry Cycle 2-5 sec
Plasticizing capacity (Virgin Mat) 15 Kg/Hour
Extrusion Die Head Center Distance
2 Cavities 60 mm
3 Cavities mm
4 Cavities mm
6 Cavities mm
8 Cavities mm
Extruder Unit With lnverter Drive
Screw Diameter 38 mm
Number of Heating Zones 2 no.
Screw Speed (Max) 80-100 rpm
Deive System for Screw (inverter) 10 Hp
Hydraulic Unit
Hydraulic drive motor power 7.5 Hp
Volume of hydraulic Accumulator 4 liter
Hydraulic Tank Volume 140 liter
Energy Consumption (lnverter Drive)
Barrel Heater 3 Kw
Heating Capacity (Max) 8 Kw
Average power Consumption * 10 Kw
Average Eiectric consumption 12 Kw
Max.lnstallation of Electric power 21.05 Kw
Maximum air volume request 400 L / Min
Air pressure request 7-10 bar
Water for HYD cooling system 50 L / Min
Water for mold – BP cooliong 16 L / Min
Machine Dimensioon
Machine Width* 1,480 mm
Machine Length* 2,660 mm
Machine Height* 2,000 mm
Machine Weight* 2,350 Kg


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