Machine Model VK1000 Unit
General Specification
Clamping Movement AngleSlope
Capacity / Artcle Size  More 1,000 ml
Ciamping Force 3.4 Ton
Operating Pressure 100-120 bar
Mould Dimensions (WxHxD) 190x265x135 mm
Davlight Opening (Max) 285 mm
Carriage Stroke 220 mm
Dry Cycle 2-5 sec
Plasticizing capacity (Virgin Mat) 15 Kg/Hour
Extrusion Die Head Center Distance
2 Cavities 85 mm
3 Cavities 60 mm
4 Cavities mm
6 Cavities mm
8 Cavities mm
Extruder Unit With lnverter Drive
Screw Diameter 52 mm
Number of Heating Zones 2 no.
Screw Speed (Max) 80-100 rpm
Deive System for Screw (inverter) 10 Hp
Hydraulic Unit
Hydraulic drive motor power 7.5 Hp
Volume of hydraulic Accumulator 10 liter
Hydraulic Tank Volume 175 liter
Energy Consumption (lnverter Drive)
Barrel Heater 6.1 Kw
Heating Capacity (Max) 8 Kw
Average power Consumption * 13 Kw
Average Eiectric consumption 12.13 Kw
Max.lnstallation of Electric power 25 Kw
Maximum air volume request 280 L / Min
Air pressure request 7-10 bar
Water for HYD cooling system 30 L / Min
Water for mold – BP cooliong 20 L / Min
Machine Dimensioon
Machine Width* 1,050 mm
Machine Length* 3,100 mm
Machine Height* 2,700 mm
Machine Weight* 5,600 Kg


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